Our Mission

Blooming Grove Academy Purpose


As a teacher, public school consultant, and Licensed Behavior Analyst, I have seen many children across school districts, ages, and levels of autism struggle behaviorally and socially in general education classrooms.  These students typically can keep up with their grade levels and even excel beyond grade level. 

The purpose of Blooming Grove Academy will be to provide a rigorous curriculum for students with high functioning autism and other related disorders while supporting them behaviorally with staff who are all trained in Applied Behavior Analysis. We want to provide an environment where students can grow and excel through high school because returning to a public school remains a challenge for many even if educated in nonpublic schools for lower grades.

In addition, daily the students will practice social skills through the AIM curriculum, which is a behavior analytic curriculum for social emotional development in children.  While children with autism have been proven to benefit from small class size, sensory stimulating yet comforting environments, and behavior analytic intervention, we believe that children who do not have autism would also benefit from personalized systems of instruction, direct instruction, and small class size. 

We are committed to producing additional research to help all educators, regardless of school type, better educate the children of today.  We hope to be an inclusive school environment.

We Believe in the 3 E's



We use empirical evidence (data) to guide our curriculum and make data-based decisions to improve individual performance and mastery of skills and behaviors.


Our teachers strive to be "strategic scientists" who view teaching and learning as behaviors that can be shaped. Teachers and students at BGA will learn from each other through each lesson.


By using personalized systems of instruction, students can learn the most material in the shortest time possible. Being efficient helps reduce behavior that may be described as "unfocused", "inattentive", and "unmotivated".

Blooming Grove Academy Mission & Philosophy


The Blooming Grove Academy enables students with a variety of learning needs to excel in an effective, evidence-based learning environment through direct instruction, efficient personalized systems of instruction and social skill development. 

Our goal is to ensure every student who receives a BGA education will become a lifelong learner who is a productive citizen and happily pursues a career and interests that make for a full and meaningful life.